Saint Louise Mother & Me Tea 2019

It was an honor to photograph Saint Louise’s Mother & Me Tea earlier this year. The Tea benefits Saint Louise House in Austin, Texas, and organization that provides housing and essential services in Austin to women with children who are experiencing homelessness Their goal is for families to stay together and develop long-term stability and self-sufficiency. What a great cause, fabulous event, and gorgeous location!

October 2018 (One Year)

A lovely one year birthday photography session with a lovely family. I have so much fun photographing babies and catching them as they hit all the milestones of the first year: smiling, tummy time, sitting, crawling, walking, and of course turning ONE! This little boy is adorable, and we captured so many sweet moments between him and his parents during our outdoor photography session. I love the photograph of his daddy enveloping him in a hug after he had walked to him, and all the images of him and his beautiful mommy are simply precious. What a beautiful family!

September 2018 (Newborn)

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet baby and his lovely parents for his newborn session!  His daddy is a Dallas Cowboys' fan so we had to use some Dallas Cowboy newborn props.  We also used his father's wedding turban in the shoot which was really neat.  I am in love with photographing babies against a grey background, and loved how those photos turned out, particularly the images of baby sleeping sweetly on his hands.  


July 2018 (Newborn)

This was a special newborn session, as this beautiful baby boy had both his mother and grandmother present, and we were able to capture some lovely images of both of them during his newborn session.  This little boy's name is a Norse God, and the first series of photographs seemed quite fitting, as it looks like he is floating on a cloud.  Perhaps a baby sky god?  I loved the sweetness, joy, laughter, and love captured in these images.


Austin Family Photographer / Snow Pixie Photography

Children At Play - Outdoor Session

 This brother and sister were so sweet with one another it made me smile throughout their photography session.  I had the honor of photographing them for Autism Awareness Month. The little brother lit up once we started finding rocks he could throw into the water.  His big sister stayed at his side helping him find rocks, encouraging him, smiling at him, and leaning in for hugs.  What a beautiful sibling bond, and what a lovely family.  

We held this outdoor photography session in the early morning, and the light was warm and gorgeous.  I love the water in the background and the crisp shadows. It was so much fun, and a work out!, capturing these  children at play, in their element, just being kids enjoying a lovely Texas morning.

June 2018 (Newborn)

3 Weeks New!

I typically recommend to clients that newborn sessions take place within the first two weeks after birth, but also happily photograph older babies.  This adorable baby boy was three weeks new for his newborn session.  He slept for the first part of his session, snuggled in the potato sake pose, and then woke up just in time to give  us some wonderful awake expressions.  I love his beautiful eyes!

May 2018 (Newborn)

Baby S

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby girl for her Newborn Photography Session and her lovely parents.  She was a little doll and slept nearly her entire session in my studio, letting us play with a number of different set-ups.  I have so many favorite images, it's hard to choose! I especially love the photograph of her draped in lace and the bum-up pose with the delicate pearl headband.  I also loved how the parent images came out, and the capture of her and her beautiful mother.  Enjoy!

April 2018 (Baby)

One-Year Baby Milestone Photography Session

Returning to clients to document their beautiful families growing is one of the best parts of being a photographer.  I first photographed this little guy at his newborn photography session.  A year later, I had the honor of photographing him and his family during his one year baby milestone photography session!   We held the photography session in his family's backyard, and captured so many sweet glimpses into this family's life. There was playing with sister, blowing bubbles (and trying to eat them), saying "ball," joyously practicing walking while holding his parents' hands, and lots of snuggles and giggles.  Happy one year birthday Baby M!

March 2018 (Baby)

10-Month Baby Milestone Session

I love Baby Milestone Photography Sessions! I especially love returning clients because I get to capture images of their beautiful babies growing over time. (Check out  my "Grow With Me" Packages). I first met this handsome fellow at his 5-month Baby Milestone Photography Session, and then had the honor of photographing him here at his 10-month Baby Milestone Session.  I had a wonderful time seeing his family again and photographing this little guy.  He was a sweetheart and gave us huge smiles, particularly when we let him play with some wooden blocks.  As a special treat, we were able to capture some lovely images of him with his grandmother - something I think everyone should do!

March 2018 (Newborn)

Studio Newborn Session - Two Week Old Baby

I loved everything about this newborn session!  The baby was a perfect doll and slept the entire photography session (I have been on a roll in 2018 with soundly sleeping babies!).  The parents were the sweetest and an absolute joy to work with.  I also loved the colors, mixtures of grey, pinks, and whites.  It is always hard to choose my favorite images from newborn session galleries, but here are a few of the ones I loved.  Look how radiant this beautiful mommy is!

February 2018 (Newborn)

Studio Session

I first met these lovely clients when I did their maternity photography session.  A short time later, their beautiful baby boy arrived, and I got to work with them again for his newborn session.  I held the newborn session in my studio, and like every baby of 2018 (so far!) he slept the entire session. I am on a sleeping newborn streak!  Some of my favorite images from the newborn session are of baby in the box, as well as the family images.  I used a natural flokati that I recently purchased from Rugs USA, and loved it!  

February 2018 (Newborn)

2 Week Old Infant

This beautiful baby girl slept her entire newborn session. Good baby! I held the session in my studio in Northwest Hills, Austin. Her equally beautiful mommy brought a few hair ties to incorporate in the session.  I love when clients bring items of special meaning such as heirloom items, or simply sweet items they treasure for their baby.  The baby blue hair tie was my favorite.  I love baby girls in blue!  But as you can see, she's equally precious in pink and cream. Baby girl could not have looked more adorable than she did cradled in her daddy's arms.

February 2018 (Newborn)

In-Home Newborn Session

I recently photographed this beautiful baby boy for his newborn session.  The newborn session was an in-home newborn session in my clients' home.  My clients and their beautiful new baby were all incredibly sweet, and the such a pleasure to photograph.  I loved so many of the images from this in-home newborn photography session.  Here are a few of my favorite photos of this beautiful baby boy, and his lovely parents:


January 2018 (Maternity)

Expecting/ Pregnancy Photos - Lakeside

Maternity sessions make me happy!  They are all about capturing love and closeness between couples and the beauty of pregnancy.  This expectant mother was absolutely radiant at her maternity session.  She and her husband were so loving and adorable together.  It was a joy to photograph them.  Here are a few images I love from their maternity session:

January 2018 (Newborn)

Studio Newborn Session / Two Weeks

I had the sweetest couple and their new baby girl in my studio for a newborn session.  In the last few months I have switched to holding all newborn sessions in my studio and I love it!   I have different sets ready for clients and clients get a choice of all of the props in my studio.  For this little baby girl, we styled her newborn session with pinks and whites, and because her mommy is a hair stylist we did one special fun set-up.  Can you guess which one?  Here are some of my favorite photos from their studio newborn photography session:

January 2018 (Newborn)

In-Home Newborn Session / Baby Boy

This in-home newborn session was so much fun and very special to me, because it was my nephew! I photographed this beautiful baby boy for his newborn session when he was just under two weeks of age.  The baby slept almost the entire newborn session.  I love so many of the images, but some of my favorites are the photos of the newborn against the charcoal background. I also love how the family photos turned out!  As a family photographer, I often hold family portrait sessions outdoors. However, I always include a few family photos as part of my newborn sessions, as I believe it is so special and beautiful to capture images of mom, dad, and baby during those first few weeks after birth.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from this newborn session:

November 2017 (Family)

This family was so lovely to work with. My favorite part of the session was how sweet the two eldest boys were with their new baby brother.  They held him so carefully, looked intently at his face, and gave me beautiful smiles.  I also loved the pop of mom's red dress, and how adorable is her newborn's outfit, complete with collar shirt and vest! I have so many favorites from their Family Portrait Session, and here are just a few:

October 2017 (Baby)

I had the privilege of photographing this adorable little boy's Baby Session at 5 months!  It is the perfect age to catch babies playing with their toes, laying on their tummies, and sometimes starting to sit up.  Close-ups are also a must because they are so cute!  Here are some of my favorites:

October 2017 (Newborn)

I recently had the honor of doing this baby boy's newborn session in my home studio!  He was such a sweet heart, and slept nearly the entire session.  Here are some of my favorite images from his newborn session:  

September 2017 (Newborn)

This beautiful baby girl and her lovely family were  a delight to photograph during her newborn session.  When awake, she was calm and content, and when sleeping, she looked like a little angel.  For one special image, we draped her mother's  wedding sari over her while she slept peacefully on her side.  I love how it came out.   Here are several of may favorite images from Baby R's newborn session: