Austin Newborn Photographer - Baby Girl Newborn Session

I had this beautiful baby girl in my studio for her newborn session.  We used a color palette of pale pink and creamy whites, which came out beautifully.  She was a doll through the entire photography session.  

One of the sweetest parts of the session was when her big brother joined us to take special sibling photographs.  He was great!  Perfectly behaved and what a good listener (with 3 pre-schoolers of my own, I definitely appreciate a good listener). :) He gave me great smiles, and snuggled in to his baby sister, allowing me to capture some beautiful images of sister and brother together.  I love how the galley came out!



Austin Newborn Photographer / Snow Pixie Photography - Newborn Session

In-Home Newborn Session / Baby Boy

This in-home newborn session was so much fun and very special to me, because it was my nephew! I photographed this beautiful baby boy for his newborn session when he was just under two weeks of age.  The baby slept almost the entire newborn session.  I love so many of the images, but some of my favorites are the photos of the newborn against the charcoal background. I also love how the family photos turned out!  As a family photographer, I often hold family portrait sessions outdoors. However, I always include a few family photos as part of my newborn sessions, as I believe it is so special and beautiful to capture images of mom, dad, and baby during those first few weeks after birth.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from this newborn session:

Austin Newborn Photographer / Snow Pixie Photography - Has Started a Blog!

I have decided to start a blog for Snow Pixie Photography!  It will feature some of my favorite photos, behind the scenes glimpses into my work, discussions about photography, and share the delight I get from being a newborn, baby, maternity and family photographer.  

Recently, I photographed a lovely 5 day old baby who was so tranquil and easy I was able to get many different series of images in numerous set ups. Here are a few of my favorites of him against a creamy white and midnight blue background.  

I love photographing newborns against a minimalistic, monochromatic background, and I also love incorporating different textures and tones.  The focus is on the gorgeous baby, their face, and their tiny beautiful features.  This five day old baby was a dream to photograph.  Enjoy!

Austin Newborn Photographer / Snow Pixie Photography - Newborn Baby "Bum Up" Pose

This newborn baby boy was so easy to photograph I was able to try different set ups and poses during our Newborn Photography Session.  Other than a few breaks for nursing, he slept the entire Newborn Session!  For these photos, I turned him from where he had been sleeping peacefully on his back, into this "bum-up" newborn pose.  Just as I got positioned to start photographing him, he gave me the tiny smile you see here, and I captured it! 

Austin Newborn Photographer / Snow Pixie Photography - Charcoal Grey Newborn Session

This beautiful 5-day old baby boy was so much fun to photograph! In our Newborn Session, he was happy and content the entire session! I captured a lot of great sleepy photos, and even a few baby smiles.  This was one of my favorite newborn set ups, with the baby against a textured charcoal grey and black background.  I loved capturing these family photos as well during the Newborn Session.  Here are a few of my favorites: