Austin Family Photographer / Snow Pixie Photography - Lakeside Family Portrait Session

This was a perfect family portrait session!  The overcast day meant beautiful soft light, my clients were awesome, their children were so sweet with one another and they were styled beautifully.  

My clients always ask for recommendations for clothing for family sessions.  My advice is:  look at this shoot!  My client chose three colors (blue, cream and red) and then had each family member wear something from those three color options.  No overpowering prints. The plaid shirts work beautifully together and are balanced out by the little boy's solid blue short and mom's cream top.  They look coordinated, cohesive, and GREAT!  

Here are a few of my favorite images. I love all of them, but I particularly like the two of mom and dad together.  They look amazing together and it makes me happy to honor and capture the love between couples. It often gets overlooked in the mad dash to make lunches, clean up spilled cheerios, get the kids to bed, and work (or maybe that is just me!), but it is the foundation of a wonderful family and it should be celebrated. 

Thank you to my wonderful clients for such a great shoot!