In-home set up:

  • I will bring everything I need to your home, including, as needed, a posing beanbag, backdrops and props.  I will bring 2-3 backdrops and prop options based on your preferences expressed in the Style Questionnaire.  
  • If you have any props that you would like included in your session, please let me know on the Style Questionnaire.
  • I am a natural light photographer, so will set up in front of the window with the best light in your home.  I will need a clear space of about 5-6 square feet in front of the window.  
  • Your home will not be seen in the images (unless you want it to be), so please do not tidy up!  

Tips for baby:

  • I photograph newborns naked, wrapped or with a diaper cover.  For your session, please have your newborn diapered and either wrapped in a blanket or some other clothing that is easy to remove (please avoid onesies).
  • To keep your baby comfortable and cozy, please keep the room at 80 degrees.  This will feel warm to us, but your baby will be comfortable.
  • If possible, I recommend giving your baby a full feed about 30 minutes before we are scheduled to start.  A comfortable, fed baby is more likely to be sleepy and content.
  • If your baby uses a pacifier, or takes a bottle, please have them on hand.
  • The session will be relaxed and will flow at the pace of your baby.  There will be plenty of time to nurse, feed, or to cuddle your baby.  While I am photographing, you can relax!  

Session timing and images:

  • For sleepy, curly newborn poses, the best time for sessions are days 5-10 after birth, or during the first 2 weeks.  After week 2, those sleepy, curly poses are usually not possible, but we can capture equally beautiful images of your new baby, often with more awake images, up to 6 weeks of age. I love working with both asleep and awake babies.  
  • Please note:  With awake babies, there will be less variation in posing, as awake babies will typically not allow themselves to be posed or stay in any specific pose.  
  • I do not guarantee any specific images.  Your baby will do what your baby will do, and whatever that is, is perfect.  Although I will gently guide your baby into specific poses, if your baby is not comfortable in a certain pose, we will try something else.  Your baby's safety and comfort is paramount to me.  
  • I love including a few images of parents with baby!