baby photography

Photographed by Austin Baby Photographer, Dana Rundlof, at Snow Pixie Photography

A baby's first year is an amazing and magical journey. Snow Pixie Photography's baby milestone sessions can help you capture every beautiful stage.

Capturing Your baby’s first year

Your baby changes so much during the first year, and will have so many amazing and wonderful milestones: smiling, holding their head up, tummy time, sitting, crawling, walking, belly laughing. There is so much to celebrate, from the first day of your infant’s birth up through their first birthday (and beyond!), and there is no better way to do so than to photograph them as they grow and develop.

studio and outdoor sessions

Snow Pixie Photography offers both studio and outdoor sessions for Baby Milestone Sessions. Studio sessions offer an artistic, stylized way of capturing the essence of your baby at each milestone. Once baby starts walking, outdoor sessions can capture baby in a natural setting exploring the world, and sometimes work better than a studio session with a highly mobile, energetic toddler.

Which Milestones to Photograph?

It’s completely up to you! In addition to newborn sessions, Snow Pixie Photography offers a variety of packages and options for Baby’s First Year. Some clients want to photograph baby every 3 months, some every 4 months. Some want one milestone session in the middle of the first year. I also offer a unique 12 Month Package, which includes a newborn session, one year session, and 11 mini sessions to capture baby each month! All milestone sessions are available a la carte. Contact me about questions or pricing.

Why snow pixie photography?

Snow Pixie Photography specializes in modern baby photography, and I love what I do.  I feel privileged to be able to capture beautiful, timeless images of these most precious, joyous and fleeting moments in my client’s lives. Nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction as a baby photographer than to have a client tell me they love their images and that they will treasure them forever. 

One-year studio session.

One-year studio session.