Me and one of my little snow pixies.

Me and one of my little snow pixies.

snow pixie photography

by Dana Rundlof

I am an Austin-based photographer specializing in modern newborn, baby and family photography.  I developed a love of photography years ago while traveling.  Five years ago, I had my twins, and then my baby girl.  Suddenly, I was obsessed with photographing them.  I found myself wanting to capture every little feature and expression, and now want to do that for my clients.  Children are little miracles full of wonder and love, and the time when they are tiny is fleeting.  Through photography, we can hold on to a piece of how precious our little ones and loved ones are right now, forever.



My aesthetic is classic and simple.  I work with natural light and, as a modern newborn and baby photographer, understated props to keep the focus on my subjects.  Each of my clients is special and unique, and I strive to capture timeless images families will treasure.  I love capturing the sweetness of a newborn, the joy of a baby learning to sit and explore his or her world, the laughter of children, the serene beauty of a pregnant woman, and the emotional bonds between families.  

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To book a session, or if you have questions, please contact me through my website, email me at, or catch me on my cell at (646) 246-8804. I can also be reached in my studio when not with a client at (512) 481-2230 (but my cell is the best phone number to reach me at). I would love to speak with you about how I can help you.

Snow Pixie Photography welcomes and celebrates clients of all genders, races, ethnicities, nationalities, disabilities, sexes, sexual orientation, and religious persuasions. All are beautiful and all are welcome!